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Our Mission is to encourage the active practice of the Masonic Principles of Benevolence and Charity, and to promote a positive image of Freemasonry in the Community.


Why the map of Masonic Lodges on the home page?

This is where it all starts - the Masonic Lodge in your community. Individual members of a Lodge or groups of Lodges known as Districts Associations bring request to the Masonic Lodge for consideration and if the Masonic Lodge wishes to support the request, an application is made to the Masonic Foundation under the appropriate program.

How do we pay for all the charity work?

The Masonic Foundation investment portfolio’s earned income is spent on all our programs.
The Masonic Lodges’ contribute funds under many of the programs that they sponsor.
Donations received from Masons and Non-Masons is important. It permits us to do more and you get a tax receipt.


Bird’s eye view of our programs!

Bursaries are presented each year to many graduating grade twelve students all over Nova Scotia who pursue a degree or diploma in Atlantic Canada or a diploma or certificate from a Community College in Nova Scotia. Bursaries are open to male and female graduates and Masonic affiliation is not required. See the Community Program Section under Bursaries for details.

Shared Funding is for community groups or individual special needs. See the Community Program Section under Shared Funds for details.

Special Grants is for an approved registered charitable organization that can cover a county territory to a provincial-wide territory. A good example is the Masonic Learning Centre for Dyslexic Children opened in 2006 in Dartmouth.

Benevolence Funding is only available to Masonic members, their spouses and orphans. When a Mason or family is in real need for assistance contact the member’s Master, or Secretary of the Lodge.
It is important to note this section of financial help is funded internally and not from Non-Mason donations.

Donation Information

We are a Registered Charity, #119034510, by Canada Revenue Agency and incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act in 1969.
Tax receipts are issued to Masons and Non-Masons alike for donations to the Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia.
Please refer to the Donation Section for details.