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Canada Revenue Agency has more than 80,000 registered charities in Canada, so many it sometimes boggles the mind who you should support. National, regional or local charities are canvassing for your dollar and many concerns come to mind such as how much of my money is lost to canvassing and administration fees and how is the rest of the money spent on the charity’s programs.

The Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia

When you view our website, it is our hope that it imparts a little insight to the Masonic principals of “Truth, Brotherly Love and Relief (Charity)” and that our programs are designed to reflect our beliefs. Our 4000+ Masonic members in Nova Scotia assist in finding the best ideas for our charity work.

Mason or non-mason donators can be assured that 100% of their dollars donated to the Masonic Foundation are used in our Community or Special Grant Programs.

Past Charity work allows you to judge our Future Ambitions

Bursaries: across Nova Scotia every year more than 120 bursaries are awarded to students from sponsoring Lodges that match your donation dollars. On average about $95,000.00 per year is awarded to students.

Shared Funds: this program provides funding in the community that assists youth activities, camps, hospitals, volunteer fire departments and many more and also funds specialized equipment for community groups or individual needs. Once again your local Lodge contributes money to sponsor these efforts. On average about $140,000.00 per year is donated across Nova Scotia.

Special Grants: sometimes larger projects are on a county to provincial scale and may be funded on a one-time basis or over many years. Example are “The Children’s Learning Centre” for Dyslexia in Halifax, Cobequid Special Olympics, specialized Health equipment and Hospice societies to mention a few during the recent years. Generally, about $50,000.00 -$60,000.00 of funding is provided each year.

How to Donate: our form to donate is in the download section of this website and remember a tax deductable receipt is issued for donations $10.00 and upward.

Thank You for your consideration as together we can make a difference in the advancement of a healthy, educated and kinder society in Nova Scotia.


PDF Version of the form