Community Programs

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The Goal of the Bursary Program is to assist graduating Senior High School Students financially with their education at the university level (Atlantic Provinces) and/or Nova Scotia Community College.

The Students Apply to a Lodge in their area, usually through the local High School Guidance Dept., and the Lodge’s Bursary Committee decides who will receive the award.

The Criteria for the Bursary is a good academic standing, community involvement, need, etc.

The Amount the Lodge provides one third of the funds and the Masonic Foundation provides two thirds of the amount of the Bursary up to a maximum of $1500 from the Masonic Foundation. No funds are dispersed until all paper work is received from the sponsoring Lodge and a completed registration form is returned from the Institution the student is attending to the Masonic Foundation’s Bursary Administrator. The required REGISTRATION FORM comes in the Bursary Package the Student receives.

The Masonic Foundation has been able to receive “matched” Bursary funding from two Universities - St. Mary’s and Dalhousie. If the Bursary recipient maintains their academic standing for the First Semester, the Universities will match the total Masonic Bursary awarded. This “matching” is not automatic and instant; all criteria must be met by the Student Recipient. The Masonic Foundation is working toward increasing the number of Institutions willing to participate in the “matched funding” program.

The Masonic Foundation of Nova Scotia is proud to be able to assist our Youth in their educational endeavors.

Masonic Lodges’: All the information required to begin the process for Bursary involvement is contained in the Masonic Foundation information packages sent to your Lodge Secretary each year.



The Shared Funds Program enables Masons through their Lodge or District with financial assistance from the Foundation, to meet a social or financial need within their community. Lodges or Districts must initiate the program by first identifying a community need, determining the cost and then applying to the Foundation for funding.

Within any community there are a wide range of programs that will meet the criteria for shared funding. As much as possible, Shared Funds Programs should be directed to community based registered charities. A list of some potential recipients follows. To participate, a Lodge or District must raise at least 25 percent of the project cost in accordance with the guidelines. The Masonic Foundation strongly encourages Lodges to participate in these programs which both benefit their community and promote a positive image of the Fraternity in that community.

Examples Of Groups that could be funded under the Shared Funds Program

School Bands

Big Brothers Big Sisters Agencies

School Assistance Programs

Boys and Girls Clubs

Boy Scout Troops

Girl Guides

4H Clubs


Volunteer Fire Departments

Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities

Specialized Equipment for Individuals

Organized Athletic Community Projects for Youth

Sponsoring Individuals for Special Camps


Shared Funds Program Guidelines

1) Constituent Lodges and Districts are eligible to apply for shared funding of projects in which they wish to participate.

2) Requests for shared funding must be submitted to the Secretary of the Foundation on the Application Form approved by the Board of Directors. The deadline for the submission of Applications in each calendar year is April 30.

3) Applicants for shared funding are required to contribute funding to the project in an amount not less than 25% of the total project cost.

4) The limit of Foundation funding approved for a Constituent Lodge shall be the lesser of 75 % of the total project (s) cost or $1500.00.

5) The limit of Foundation funding approved for a District and its Constituent Lodges shall be the lesser of 75 % of the total cost of combined Lodge and District projects or $1500.00 times the number of Lodges in the District. 6) All applications for shared funding will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at their first meeting following April 30 in each calendar year. Should the total requests for shared funding exceed the funds available for the Shared Funds Program the Directors will allocate the available funds to approved programs on a pro-rata basis.

7) The value of goods in kind is not eligible for shared funding.

8) Donations to national charities are not eligible for shared funding unless they are directed to a local need.

9) Upon approval of the project the Lodge or District must submit its portion of the shared funds to the Foundation and then the Foundation will issue a cheque for the full amount to the recipient in care to the Lodge or District for presentation. The Lodge or District may request the funding over multiple payments if it better meets its objective.